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About Us - Sharon Philp
Connect with Sharon Philp is an established and trusted Australian owned company, offering office professionals the opportunity to use their skills, both virtually and locally, to support many individuals and industries.

Sharon Philp, Director of, was one of the first founding Virtual Assistants in Australia. With a passion for success and dedication for providing professional business support, Sharon established in 1997 (formerly GSP Administrative Services).

Driven by strong work ethic

Sharon has always been driven by her strong work ethic. She worked until she was escorted off the premises during her first pregnancy only days before giving birth. Sharon quickly realised that once you have children your priorities change. Even though she loved work, she loved spending time with her growing family.

This realisation is what led her to establish herself as one of Australia’s first Virtual Assistants and create a business to work around her family, which was her number one priority. Sharon’s strong business acumen helped her recognise the demand for women just like her and she began to recruit highly skilled professionals and connected them with clients needing support.

Supporting clients nationally has continued to grow organically over the last 20 plus years – Sharon’s passion and dedication has never wavered. While she raised three children, Sharon became an integral part of the business community and continues to provide highly skilled professional support to clients nationally. She has stayed at the forefront of technology and continues to transition and transform the business model to meet growing demands, even during pandemics.

Dedicated to supporting and empowering women

Sharon is dedicated to supporting women with families and helping them achieve a sustainable approach to work and family life balance. Her advocacy empowers women all over Australia with opportunities to be productive and successful.

What’s important to me is that mothers should spend as much time with their kids as possible. I will help bridge the gap between mother and child to create closeness in families ~ Sharon Philp