Secretarial & Admin Support
Secretarial & Administrative Support
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Trusted Partners & Specialised Secretariat Support

With extensive expertise, specifically with NFP Industry Boards and Associations, we have the knowledge to inform and educate the Board on specific Board roles, governance and policy, and the benefits of outsourcing. We will help your Board achieve their strategic goals and comply with legislative requirements.

Added Value for Boards will help to create efficiencies that add value. With over 20 years’ experience, we understand the roles and responsibilities of Board Members and will collaborate with your Executives to drive actions to benefit your Industry.

We can help your Organisation and Industry Board understand the following:

Learn how your NFP Organisation or Industry Board can benefit from using our professional Secretariat Services.

Specialised Secretariat Support

Our dedicated and expert team will provide your Industry Board with the support they need. Some of’s services include:

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