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Case Study #1

Sue provides education to teachers and parents of children who have autism and aspergers. Sue came to in 2004 to seek assistance in helping her run her business. In 2004, Sue was running 6 workshops [with approx. 30 attendees] and one major event in Sydney each year [approx. 90 attendees]. Today, Sue runs approx. 14 workshops per term [approx 120 attendees] throughout Australia and runs her major function each year [approx. 300 attendees]. Sue has taken her business internationally. By outsourcing her administrative function, it has freed Sue to do what she does best – create, innovate and expand her business.


Case Study #2

Dadhichi is an international Astrologer. SCA provides transcription services for astrological readings, including his many books. Dadhichi is free to record his material and send us his files, whilst freeing himself up to work on his next book or to travel internationally. Knowing his transcripts will be done and emailed to him – no matter where he is, gives Dadhichi peace of mind.

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